Cadet Sea Rangers is our section for girls aged 9 to 13.

Zip Wire RecoveryMembers take part in a variety of exciting activities at their regular meetings, and at special events or holidays.  As well as learning how to be safe on the water and the skills needed to go boating in the summer months, the girls can get involved with community action projects and non-nautical activities such as swimming, climbing, orienteering and competitions.

During the Summer months, Cadet Sea Rangers will normally be found out on the water further developing their knowledge whilst taking part in rowing, canoeing and sailing.  There are also opportunities for camping, holidays and lots of fun and games.

The girls can extend their knowledge and skills by working towards the Cadet Sea Ranger badge programme which covers basic nautical and life skills as well as different hobbies and activities.  Each crew develops its own programme around the programme in consultation with the girls.